The unprecedented centrality of television in American culture has left us with habits of consumption, passivity, and a loss of identity. The twenty-four hour cable news cycle, with its bloated fabrications and divisive rhetoric, holds us hostage to glowing screens while subjecting us to colorful advertisements. In this series, each image is a reflection of our fears, traditions and inaccuracies instilled in us through film, media and political culture. My works are staged reproductions and critiques of who we’ve become - at times real, at other times satirical, albeit sad.

"Bad Actors (Hot War, Cool Medium)"

"Civil Discord"

"Sign of Distress"

"As the World Burns"

"Salute (Fear of Fascist America)"

"Garbage Mouths"

"War Play"

"A Study of Suburban Vanity"

"Another Death, Another Dollar"


"Sausage and Pasta (Food of the Impovershed)"